Design My Interiors

Why designMYinteriors

  • Good Interior Design should not be a luxury afforded only by a few - all of us are entitled to be happy & comfortable in our surroundings.
  • Interior Designers walk into newly constructed ready to move in buildings and break down walls, change window sections to fit in window Air – conditioning units / redo Electrical Wiring –for necessary appliances & lights/ redo plumbing to add Bathrooms - thereby increasing timelines & budgets & charge a hefty Fee as well! No wonder they are a much feared community!
  • This is where we step in – we provide you with all Professional Interior Design Services at any stage in the planning & construction process at a very nominal charge - so you get all designs as & when required.

When designMYinteriors

  • You do not have the budgets to hire an interior designer.
  • You already have an architect, civil engineer & Contractor on board and do not want to hire another professional.
  • You feel that using the services of a Professional interior Designer is expensive & slows things down.
  • You are merely renovating a part of your office/residence - which Interior designer will take up the small project?
  • You are Designing your Kitchen but need help with the storage ergonomics & Hardware.
  • You have a design idea but are not able to explain it to the Carpenter.

No client, no space & no budget is too big or too small for us - we are the ONLINE solution to all your INTERIOR DESIGN needs.